Thursday, 5 January 2017

JohnRadio - Logo

Creating a logo to be displayed at all (or many) pages on a site gives an instant recognisability to the page, and a good logo can do more, such as create a good feeling in the viewer or signal the values of the organisation represented by the site. Sometimes the logo is the only thing a visitor sees before surfing on to the next page.
So... It is a good idea to take time to come up with a suitable logo.
For JohnRadio I wanted something simple, yet also a bit elegant. It was pretty daunting, as the connections between music and graphical expression is not a simple one.
Nonetheless I arrived at a logo, which can be seen in two forms on the following page:
These logos have not yet been optimised for use on the web.

The first logo is grey and represents a neutral version of the logo. It may eventually be used in environments where it is not supposed to stand out. The second logo is supposed to have a certain feel to it, associating it with salsa music. I intend to have this version of the logo on select pages dealing with salsa music.
I have chosen the font Colonna MT, as it is easily readable as well as elegant. A further advantage is that this font is readily available on Windows. At present, the logo is a picture, but if need be, the font can be applied to a text. It is also easy to recognise for other designers.

I have slanted the letters to make them appear more dynamic, and increased their height-to-width ratio considerably to make them look more elegant. Letters written in Colonna MT seem calm and robust to me, and I was looking to change that, while still keeping the elegance and readability of this font. I considered raising some of the letters from the baseline, however it seemed to me that it made the logo too chaotic, and it hurt readability. I feel that I have arrived at a good balanced expression with this design. And it deviates from the ubiquitous rectangular look, I am trying to avoid on this site.

Ahead of me lies a challenge with regards to colours. The associations between musical genres and colours typically aren't possible. I have chosen a cyan colour for chill, and orange-ish for dance music. However, some decisions regarding colours for other genres just have to be made and stuck with.

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