Tuesday, 11 October 2016

JohnRadio - Brainstorm

Now it was time for brainstorm, getting ideas. With 5 challenge statements to brainstorm, there was enough to think about.
In the beginning there's the possibility that the developer can find inspiration in similar sites. So I decided to take a look at the sites of some radio stations.
I was not impressed. Radio Viborg, Radio Alfa, Radio 100, Groovera and Radio Nova weren't really helpful.
Last.fm and Radio24syv seemed to be more interesting, but I didn't really see something which impressed me.

And so I progressed to a classic brainstorm. I simply sat down with a lot of post-its and each of the 5 challenge statements and thought things over, making sure to follow the 4 main guidelines recommended by my method.
- Defer judgment
- Keep getting ideas until you run dry
- Build on previous ideas and connect ideas
- Seek novelty

After a couple of hours, I felt that no more ideas were coming forth. I wasn't really happy with the result though, so I wanted to go further. I was a bit unsure how to continue, so I thought things over.
The conclusion was that I would repeat the brainstorm, but this time I would rethink each challenge statement, while combining them with main focus areas, which I was then to identify.
I identified five main focus areas:
- Aesthetics
- User actions
- Navigation
- Content
- Permeating phenomena

Obviously I got the same ideas again, but this time some extra ideas came to my mind. And it really looked better now. But I felt energetic, so i decided to push on after a short break.

The next kind of brainstorm I tried was one where I look at some pictures (one at a time) and then ask myself how this picture can be related to each of the challenge statements. This is supposed to increase the probability of getting ideas, which are non-obvious. It worked that way for me too.

After some hours and three brainstorms, I had 37 post-it's with ideas. It is difficult to say how many ideas that was, because a bunch of ideas isn't really an easily quantifiable thing.
Now was the time to figure out which ideas to take to the next step (the next step is to develop on the ideas). I am not going to promise that I don't go back to my pool of ideas at a future point, but here are some of the ideas I thought I would take with me to the next step:
- Navigation by emotion
- Avoid the rectangular layout
- Quiz/labyrinth
- Present artists
- What the visitor can do to find this locally
- Let this be partially about other aspects of my fictional club
- Entertaining language
- Articles
- Themes

Many of these ideas are new to me, so I guess there will be enough to think about. It seems to me that I will probably get more ideas as I develop on these ideas.

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